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Meeting 9/07/22 

This is a re-post of last week’s analysis. 

So, this weekend saw the weather still playing havoc with our nation’s tipsters. However, they did still manager to pick 7 Trifectas, Quinellas and two exactas across the 38 races.  

Today why do not we look at how to process the data The Tip Analyser provides.  

When I look at the data breakdown I must consider where the tips sit. We provide the tips firstly with an overall percentage, so the total number of tips on that horse whether it is first, second, third or fourth. Secondly, we then break down the percentage to where the tipster thinks that horse will run. This is what we must consider when we are creating our exotics it will save you some money eventually. An example of this happened in race four in AR. I looked at the analysis the number 6 horse had the highest overall percentage but also highest win percentage. I placed it as the standout with the next two highest percentage horse in for second and third. This gave me two possible out outcomes for a $2.00 outlay, now I am a tight arse so I only took for a half. So, for a $1.00 bet I picked up $74. 

This is the important thing, use all the data, do not just focus on the overall percentage use the minors as well. Remember these tipsters are looking at the form and combining a lot of information to make their selections. But you can only use that as a guide you still need to make your own decision on what you back. As we have seen already in the brief time this site has been running there are some weekends when the tipsters have it so wrong. Happy punting.