Look Winners!

Meeting 16/07/2022

Well, we can certainly see the weather is changing and the tipsters seem to be back on track. 

Once again, I am going to talk about using the data to your best advantage. So, if you were backing the top two percentages then in BR you would have won the first five races. In SR the first two races the trifectas were the top three percentages got up. There were five top percentage horses that won in Sydney. Race three in Sydney saw the top percentage horse Pretty Wild with 27.3% and it paid a respectable $4.90 and $2.10 the place. 

In Melbourne we saw the situation I was talking about happen. In race two and three we had the overall second top percentage horses get the win. However, if you follow the data, you would have been more incline to place both horses in for the win. Race two Thalassophile had an overall percentage 29% the top percentage was 29.1% but Thalassophile had the top win percentage with 11.6%. It also paid an excellent $4.70 win and $1.90place. In the third, It’s True was second top overall percentage at 18.4% the top percentage was 25.4%. It’s True had the highest win percentage at 8.2%. it also paid nicely with win $3.20 and place $1.70.  

Adelaide had same great payouts with the top percentage horses getting up. Race two Bolt By with 31.7% paid $4.00 win and $1.50 place. Race three Oh Mo with 28.6% of the tips paid $6.50 the win and $2.25 the place. Race four Zoulah 26.9% paid an amazing $7.00 the win and $2.40 place. Race Eight Litchfield County 26.2% of the tips paid an outstanding $8.50 the win and $2.80 the place.  

So overall a great weekend for the nation’s tipsters.