Week 04/06/2022

There are many ways to use The Tip Analyser data. Our little punters club picked up last week’s BR Quaddie which paid a magnificent $5680.00. How did we do it? The data provided is up for interpretation and where you take the picks is entirely up to you. We look at all the column’s total tips, 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th. Because of that we were able to see that even though Apache Chase only received an overall percentage that ranked it about eighth picked horse. In the win column however, it was second highest percentage only bettered by the favourite.

This week saw the BR Quaddie pay a very reasonable $808.70 with all the legs coming from the top two percentage horses. The tipsters were right on the money this week in Brisbane with eight of the ten race winners coming from the top two percentile horses.

When it comes to using the data do not just focus on the total percentages. You must look at the whole picture. Look at the place percentages as well, you do not want to miss the gems hidden in the numbers!