We are covering four states now!

Meeting 23/04/2022

The Sydney track conditions were still diabolical this week with jockeys struggling to find their racing lines early on. As a meet though the nations tipsters had a momentous day. Looking at the percentages the at least one of the top two horses with the highest percentage placed in nine of the ten races. Race one (SR1) saw the second highest tipped Zougotcha with 23.5% of the tips placing second at $1.50 and third highest tipped Command Approved 12.3% placing third at $2.10. Race two (SR2) saw Sunborn the fourth highest percentage 14.9% get up paying $7.30 the win and top percentage horse Impulse Control 19.7% coming second providing an excellent exacta at $67.40 and a not too shabby quinella of $27.80. Race three (SR3) was won by Mr Hussill the second highest tipped horse at 16.3% and paid $4.50 the win and $2.20 the place. Race four (SR4) had the top two tipped horses coming in first and second, Irish Sequel 18.6% paying $4.20 the win and $1.90 the place and Aleas 23.7% of the tips paying $1.60 the place. Race five did not provide any love for the punters but races six and seven saw the top percentage horses get the win, SR6 Quinello 24.8% paid $2.50 the win and SR7 Andermatt 23.5% paid $1.60. In race eight (SR8) second top percentage horse La Chevalee 14.3% paid $4.30 the win and $1.70 the place. Race nine (SR9) the top tipped Taksu 23.9% got the prize at $1.60 and in race ten (SR10) the top percentage horse Too Much Caviar 19.4% paid a respectable $2.10 for the place.

At other tracks we saw some excellent results as well.

At Doomben in Race one (BR1) the top tipped Jack the Lad 25% got the bickies paying $3.00 the win and $1.90 the place. Then in BR4 the top three percentage horses filled the top three positions Canadian Dancer 16.7% paid $4.10 the win and 1.70 the place, second was Teranga 24.9% at $2.20 the place, and Mokulua 20% paid $1.70. If you are into the exotics this race also provided a nice Quinella at $14.40 and the exacta paid $24.20.

In Melbourne race one (MR1) we saw the best result of the day for the exotic punters three of the top four tipped horses filling the top three places. Tokorangi 12.6% paid $15.00 the win and $4.30 the place, second was Vasmee 17.1% paying 2.20 the place, and third was Beltoro 13.7% paying $2.20. The trifecta paid a very respectable $714.80 with the quinella paying$34.20 and the exacta $82.20. The top three percentages also saluted the judge in MR2 with Comica 18% winning at $4.50 the win, second was Sirileo Miss 25.3% and third was Starelle 19.2%. Race five in Melbourne also provided a trifecta from the top four percentages Midwest 17.5% paid $5.70 the win, Scissor Step 21.4% placed at $1.50, and Gimmie Par 15.1% placed at $2.60. The trifecta paid $145.70.

We are now also giving the Adelaide percentages and racing was at Morphettville last weekend and you received the whole meeting for free. AR2 saw the second to percentage horse tipped Prairie Flower 20.4% get up and paid $7.00 the win and $2.30 the place. AR9 also saw the second most tipped horse get up with Impossible Action 17.9% and paying $6.00 the win and $2.25 the place.

All around an excellent day for the tipsters!