Racing Analysis: What does the Tip Analyser do for you the punter?

The Tip Analyser gives you the ability to access data from a up to 25 expert tipsters for every Saturday race meeting in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. The site presents the data as literal numbers but also as percentages for each horse to come first, second, third, or fourth. 

First things first, The Tip Analyser saves you money! To access all the data we have from newspapers, pay TV, radio, and internet would cost you a minimum of $75 per week. The Tip Analyser has subscriptions that equate to paying as little as $6.25 per week paid six monthly. You also get Adelaide for free every weekend! 

Next up the data is designed to help you the punter make your own assessment and decide the best wager for you. As mentioned, the data is from the professional expert tipsters around the country not amateurs and random tipsters. These tipsters are the cream of the crop! It gives you the punter the ability to make your best selections each Saturday.  

Lastly it saves you the punter time. It would take you on average 15 hours to correlate the amount of data we provide the punter each Saturday before you even consider your first bet. Time that can be better spent deciding which horse is your best bet for the weekend!  

Jump on the site and have a look . The first group of tips are loaded by midnight every Friday and is live and changing Saturday morning as more data comes to hand!